Imposter Syndrome Workshop

June 9, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tribeca Coffee Co.
174 Lakeshore Road East Oakville
ON L6J 1H6

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The imposter syndrome is an inability to own your success; you don’t feel “good enough.” You constantly undervalue yourself and feel like you don’t belong. It’s the belief that you’ve fooled people and you’ll be exposed as an imposter or fraud, as someone who doesn’t know enough or who isn’t smart enough. And when you do succeed, you don’t feel joyful, you’re relieved and then anxious about how you’ll recreate that initial success.

Feeling like an imposter is demoralizing and exhausting, but most of all, it chips away at our confidence and ability to step out of our comfort zones. If this sounds like you, please join me for this interactive workshop.

In this 3-hour workshop you’ll learn:

  • What the imposter syndrome is and the main fears behind it.

  • How to contextualize imposter syndrome feelings, instead of personalizing them.

  • What the main characteristics are and how it shows up in your life.

  • The poor coping strategies most people employ that lead us to play safe and keep small.

  • How to deal with failures so you don’t internalize them.

  • How to cultivate risk taking so that you get out of your comfort zone and play BIG.

  • Tips and strategies to implement right away to help you move forward with confidence.

This will be an interactive format, including a mix of me talking, both individual and group exercises, and self-reflection questionnaires.

This is the time to stop holding back, get out of your comfort zones and dig deeper with your self-growth journey. Let’s UNLEARN these self-limiting mindsets and move forward with confidence.

We will be inside the fabulous Tribeca Coffee Co in Oakville, located at 174 Lakeshore Road East. Grab your coffee and treats and meet me in the back!

Tickets will be very limited as this is a small space. Street parking is FREE on Sundays in Oakville.