About Professor Maja

Professor Maja

Sociologist, professor, author, writer, apology-hater, confidence-builder and recovering make-up addict.

She currently teaches at McMaster University and Mohawk College, and is the CEO of “ALL IN” Inc., a women’s leadership organization that gives women the communication tools to speak up with confidence at work and get what they want in life.

Maja and her husband Steve are raising their daughter to be her own damn boss, who understands Barbie doesn’t need to be saved by Ken!

Early in the morning, you can find her working on her latest research project with a cup of Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea in hand. While Maja has perfected the art of boundaries with humans, she can never say no to her 180 lb Great Dane, Cooper. Her favourite kiss-proof lipstick is Play with Fire by Rimmel, she reads the dictionary for fun (no, really), and she hates apologies.

Her third book is coming out in late 2018. Stay tuned!


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