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Limit the Negative and TURN UP the Positive

I decided not to renew my National Post subscription this year because it’s too damn negative. Every single day I read about rapes, molestation, child soldiers, & brazen mid-day robberies.  I read about wars, genocide and animal abuse. I can’t take it anymore.

The positive heartwarming stories are few and far between and the more often I read the news the more depressed I get.

I started dreaming about war and abuse and these stories stayed with me long after I’d read them. This type of energy is not conducive to creative productivity.

I’m not saying you should neglect world events and not know what’s going on, but you must be selective in how often you choose to engage in this type of material. You need to limit your exposure to the constant barrage of negative stories out there.

That’s also why I stopped watching TV (ah, hello Law and Order Special Victims Unit, could your stories lines be any more horrific?!) –or any of the crime shows on television or on-line. It’s just too much sadness.

I want to create, I want to be energized and impassioned and the negativity just brings me down.

Negativity comes in many forms: Online comments (oh, my goodness the trolls come out in full force.); Crime shows or real-life stories; watching the News; family & friends who drain your energies; even your own internal negative voice.


  1. Take inventory of where the negativity in your life is coming from.
  2. Associate with people who are more successful than you. Their energy and positivity will help boost you up.
  3. Recognize that some negativity can not be changed: dealing with a medical emergency; a family member whose sick; taking care of elderly parents/grandparents; an ill pet; an intense volunteer job; financial stress. –SO you must ADD IN more positive moments and energies into your life to balance out the intensity of the rest of it.
  4. Meditate: even if it’s for 2 minutes. Just sit in stillness (even though your mind may be racing), let the thoughts come and just sit and breathe. You need some calm stillness in your life every day so take a few minutes.
  5. Exercise: being active gets the feel-good hormones racing. You just feel better after exercising. My drug of choice is running. After a good run I feel like I can do anything, seriously! At the end of a 10km run I feel like I could run for Mayor, start up own company (I just did!) or rescue another dog! This is the type of energy I try to harness for the rest of the day.
  6. LAUGH. I try to watch 10 minutes of comedy every day. It feels SO good to laugh doesn’t it? (Netflix has a steady stream of standup comedians, and then there’s the comedynetwork.ca and obviously anything with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Louis C.K, Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, etc).