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What Are You Selling?   

Everyone is a salesperson. Whether you want to believe in it or not. I know that “teacher” or “designer” may have a better ring to it than “salesperson”, –but selling, the act of selling is a part of every single job, career or profession. And the sooner you get comfortable with selling, the sooner you can finally start achieving your dreams.

Selling is the art of persuading or influencing people to go along with your way, to buy into your ideas.

Are you a student trying to get into graduate school? Then you need to “sell” the graduate hiring committee on why you’re the right candidate.

Are you applying for a new job? Then you need to sell the interviewer, HR manager or company that you’re the perfect person for the job. You need to stand out from the 200 other resumes lying in a pile.

Are you starting a new business? Then you need to “sell” the bank on your astute business plan, in order to get adequate funding.

Are you a designer, yoga studio owner, blogger or creative person? Then you need clients! You need revenue; you need people to buy into your idea, your product or services. Therefore, you need “to sell” your brand to others, so that they shop with you and not the competition.

Selling is involved in every single transaction, communication or debate or exchange of ideas.

If you’re not selling something to someone, then you’re being sold something. It’s “sell or be sold”. (see Master Salesmen Grant Cardone)

Ever get up-sold a pastry to go with your latté at Starbucks? You got sold!

Ever purchase a lipstick, jacket or skinny jeans even when you had absolutely NO intention of buying that day? You got sold.

But it didn’t feel bad, did it? That’s the same reciprocal feeling you want to create in your daily interactions with people.

Selling has to be a 2-way street… can’t be a win-lose situation, or else you’ll never go back to that store or salesperson again. But, if you left that store feeling good about the sale, even though you weren’t going to buy that day….then it was a win-win situation.

Remember, if you’re not selling the brilliance of your ideas/products or services to other people, then you’re being sold someone else’s dream. If you’re not working on your achieving your dreams, then you’re working on someone else’s.


Cardone, Grant. Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life.  GreenLeaf Book Group Press. Austin, Texas.