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Life After School

Rude awakening! Spoiler alert.  Life after school is NOT LIKE SCHOOL AT ALL. That’s a lesson you might want to prepare for before graduation.

Here are some tips for how life is different in the real world.

Life in school Life in the workforce (a.k.a. the real world!)
You can text whenever you want to in class Depending on the area, texting during a meeting could be anywhere from a minor to a major mistake. You could look like the fool that’s completely disinterested in the company, or you could just look rude. Either option is bad.  .
You can browse the net or update your FB page in class whenever you want. Your company owns your computer, they monitor everything you watch on–line, they can tell exactly how many times you’ve logged on to FB, what your google searches were and if you did any internet shopping. They can present you with a detailed print out of the number of hours you’ve wasted of company time and deduct pay/hours from your salary, write you up, or fire you with due cause.
You can hand in assignments late and the worst that’ll happen is you get deducted marks, or a lower overall grade. No biggie. When you don’t complete a project on time, you either get a verbal or written warning, or in some business they’ll just fire you. Your boss will also be irritated, disappointed and a little shocked, cuz’ in the real world, stuff gets done on time because there’s a whole domino effect if your part of the project is late….bad move.
You can complain to your professors about how much you hate group work, and how everyone in your group slacks off but you. When you complain to your boss about working with others, they will make a mental note to let you go within the 3 month probationary period; they will think you’re childish and wonder how HR hired you.
You can come dressed to school however you’d like. In pajamas, dirty Uggs, flip-flops with gross toenails and stains on your clothes. If you show up to work in torn jeans, runners, tops that showcase your cleavage, ass crack, belly button  or anything close to what a OBGYN would be looking at,  HR will have a meeting with you, it’ll get noted in your file and people will think you’re trying to sleep with the boss to get ahead.
You can go your entire university career never speaking to a professor. If you don’t talk to your boss, you’ll NEVER get noticed for anything, like promotions or raises. Plus, they’ll think you’re really, really weird.
You can take courses that only offer M/C and T/F tests so you never have to write an essay, ever! IF you can’t write a coherent sentence your boss (and coworkers) will quickly find this out. You’ll be left out of more challenging projects and opportunities because people don’t want to be embarrassed by your lack of writing skills.
If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can wait until the last-minute to ask your professor, even though the information is readily available. If you ask your boss questions that they’ve already answered, they will think you’re incompetent. They will wonder why you’d wait till the last-minute and have less confidence in your abilities moving forward.
You can come to class late and leave early if you want, and never have to explain why. IF you come to work late, you will get a verbal/written warning immediately.  Most places have a 2-3 strike policy and you’re FIRED.

Have I missed any other important differences?  Let me know.