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Increase Your Self-Confidence


Increasing or building your self-confidence is something that requires practice. What?!  Did you think you were naturally supposed to be confident? Don’t be a fool. You need to BUILD confidence. It’s a growth trait, meaning you can grow your confidence with practice.

Confidence is a skill that yes, some people do seem to have more of, maybe they’re extroverted and love taking center stage, BUT the remaining 90% of us have to build it up!

How do you build your confidence?

  1. PREPARE. Dude, you must train like a friggin’ athlete. Train like a Pan Am game athlete….train like a triathlete would….train like an Iron-woman would….train like Serena Williams would. Seriously, you will NEVER get better without practice.

Increasing your confidence isn’t just about you; it’s also about getting others to believe in you (which are a requirement in ANY job, ANY career, and ANY profession).

  1. YOU MUST PRACTICE YOUR FEARS. It’s all about preparation and mastery. (You never just get up and give a speech, right? You prepare a speech, you practice that speech, you ask for feedback, you revise, you edit, you practice, and then you perform and give that speech). That’s what building your self-confidence is about. You must do the very thing that scares you, that’s the only way out of mediocrity.
  2. INTERRUPT THE SCRIPT – Learn how to shut down that shitty committee in your mind, that negative voice, that annoying little doubter who’s always creating fear for you. If you don’t learn to silence that internal negative voice, you will lose out on experiences & opportunities that can move you forward. You’ll be stuck in the status quo lane, being ordinary and forgettable.
  3. BE EXCEPTIONAL, EVERY DAY. What else can you do? DO MORE! How can you become better? Practice harder, practice smarter. Train. Ask for feedback. Have a schedule. Don’t go for 2 hour lunch breaks. Focus on your career not what other people are doing. Make every single day count.
  4. STOP TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY. – It’s not always about you! If you get challenged by your boss, don’t shirk away, rise to the challenge, and engage in debate. You’re not going to be fired for voicing your opinion.
  5. STOP TRYING TO BE LIKED, AND START WORRYING ABOUT BEING RESPECTED. I like a LOT of people, I respect a lot fewer. I get along with everyone; I’d only hire a select few to be my teaching or research assistants. Respect for people’s intellect, communication and work ethic always wins in the end. It’s never about being liked, it’s about being respected.

At the beginning of every day, at the end of every night you must believe in yourself. You must believe you are capable and worthy and deserving of success…..and then you must outwork everyone else around you to ensure your success.  There is no other way.