Confidence, Empower Yourself

Bossy Women!

My 3 year old was recently told she was bossy. I thought “cool, I’m raising her well then“. Seriously. I’m not raising a doormat, I’m raising a leader. I’m not raising a follower, I’m raising a queen.

That’s what I want for women. I want them to lead. I want them to want to lead, and believe they are worthy of leadership positions.

I want our daughters, our sisters, our colleagues and ourselves to see opportunities for success and negotiation everywhere.  I want us to push beyond our comfort zones and reach for MORE, reach UP. Success must be our only option. 

I want dinner parties where we talk about self-promotion and self-advocacy instead of friggin’ pot roast recipes and the best chocolate cookies out there!

I want conversations with women where no one mentions DIET or their body weight and instead we talk about our careers and our financial situation (as in, how can we make more $$$).

This is what I want for women.

This is what I want for my daughter.

This is what I want for myself.

This is why we need more bossy women who aren’t afraid of voicing their opinions, speaking aloud, asking for what they want and who will negotiate for themselves all. the. time.

Entrepreneur 7