Confidence, Empower Yourself

Knowing Your Value and a Little Self-love


You can build your confidence. You can develop your assertiveness. You can expand out of your comfort zone by taking risks. You can be courageous.

You can improve your public speaking skills. You can strengthen the tone of your voice. You can generate charisma and stage presence.

You can stop apologizing.

Please know you are not your mother’s disappointment, your guidance counsellor’s lowered expectations or the realization of your failed perfectionist quest.

You are not your past, your hurt, your wounds, your trauma or your regrets. You are not the internalization of your mistakes, you are not your failures.

Disengage from the endless loop of negative thoughts. Disidentify from who you thought you were supposed to be.

Leave the past alone. There is only….now. And if you don’t start valuing your worth now, there will be no future for you.

Begin today.

And if no one has ever told you before, let me be the first: I believe in you.