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How Do You Handle Failure and Criticism?

We will all fail at something at some point. How you react (emotionally & mentally) determines how successful you’ll be.

There will be haters and doubters and passive aggressive commenters. You will see eye-rolls and smirks when you fail. This will happen. BUT, failures and criticisms must not define you.

This is a core characteristic of successful people because they are completely unfazed by their failures.

You must display emotional resilience, because self-doubt is just part of the process, its part of achieving your potential in life.

As you strive to fulfil your potential, you will have truly horrendous days coupled with inspiringly positive days, & how you handle the bad days is what will get you through all the days.

Internalizing the fraud syndrome (which EVERY woman goes through) is also part of the process. You must use that insecurity and doubt to drive you further and work harder than anyone else.

Worrying about your criticism or your critics is useless. Worry is just a useless emotion for your career, because there’s no action involved. You’re just locked into an anxious state of worry.

Recognize that the fear never goes away. Successful people still have fear. Musicians still get stage fright; artists still get nervous before they perform. Successful people have simply learned how to turn their fear into a motivator for success. Their fear propels them into taking new risks, & trying new things.

TIPS: Learn to distinguish between true constructive feedback and haters. Real constructive criticism is meant to help you be better/sound better/make a better product, while haters will just hate on you.

When you get feedback….dissect it. Learn from it, and then let it go.

Learning to let mistakes and failures go is the hallmark of successful people.

Other people don’t have to understand your choices and decisions, only you do. Stop justifying everything you do to everyone.

If you replay your failures and mistakes constantly, you’ll quickly internalize them, leading to self-doubt WHICH WILL BE THE UNRAVELLING OF YOU.

Do not let criticism or failure lead to inaction.  Inaction means you’re not achieving your potential. And not fulfilling your potential is the real failure.