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Stop Dreaming & Start Working


Were you born to be an actor? A writer? A lawyer? Professor, artist, dancer or architect?

Who knows? But the only way to find out is through action.

What action are you taking right now, today to discover your potential?

Creative people create. Athletes train. Writers write.

They all take action because they know no other way of being.

Get out of your head, get out of your way. Take action. Stop thinking about it. 

Doing the work every single day is the only thing that matters.

Working on your potential every day allows your ego to dissolve, it forces the negative voice in your mind to dissipate, and it fosters creativity. The more time you devote to your craft, the more bulletproof you are to criticisms, haters, and your own internal procrastination tendencies.

Dreaming won’t get you the lottery.

Taking action matters.

Want inspiration?

Watch Beyoncé performing Run the World from the 2011 BillBoard Music Awards.……no amount of daydreaming created this performance. It was pure dedication, hundreds of hours of training and commitment. You can’t fake that kind of precision and immaculate choreography.

She took action. She worked for it. The results speak for themselves.  One of my all-time favorite musical performances.