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What Do You Need to GIVE UP in Order to Achieve Success?


Right now, figure out what you need to give up in order to take your career to the next level.

What can you do, what can you change? What modifications can you make in your schedule in order to allow you to maximize your time?

For me, it’s giving up a 6:00am start to the day.  Bye-bye 6:00am… were so good to me. Now it’s 5:00am. And losing that one hour is kinda’ brutal some times. But, it allows me to go for a run, shower and change by the time my daughter gets up at 6:30am.

Another thing I do now is work through my lunch. No more, 30 or (gasp!) 45 minute lunch breaks. Nope. As Million Dollar Listing New York reality start Fredrik Ecklund says “Lunch is a big waste of time, so I generally work right through it.” 

I also do all my errands on one day. This is challenging, but I’ve had to tweak my schedule so I’m not wasting time going to the grocery store or hairdressers on different days. Now everything gets done on the same day (….most of the time).

Most importantly, I’ve stopped procrastinating. I’ve stopped wishing my life was different and started taking massive levels of action. I’ve stopped self-medicating through shopping, ice cream and exercise. I’ve realized that purchasing a product (why do I own so many lipsticks?!) is a momentary release, but the work still awaits me when I get home. Resistance. Procrastination. Denial. Unhappiness. Stress. Anxiety.

I’ve realized that all I have to do… the work.

I have a choice.

Every single day, I can choose the more difficult task (writing, cold calling, selling, self-promotion), or I can procrastinate, delay, avoid, resist (and waste my time cleaning, cooking, running errands and over thinking every single thing).

That’s my story.

What’s yours?



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