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You will hear “NO” at some point in your life. You will get rejected and this will not make you feel good.

But hearing “no” doesn’t mean you’re incapable of getting to a yes. It just means that for this specific moment, your product or service or idea is not ready. This doesn’t mean you can’t get ready, it doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed. ALL a rejection means is “not now” or “you’re not ready now,” or “you haven’t convinced me yet“.

That’s all. That’s it.

Stop internalizing rejection to the point of paralysis. Stop allowing a rejection to mess with your mind and prevent you from moving forward.

I see this all the time with my students. They find out they got a low-grade on their assignment and it demolishes their self-esteem. They fight for a higher grade when they should be fighting to upgrade their skills and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Learning how to handle constructive feedback is a tough but necessary skill that separates the winners from the losers. It separates the successful people from the day-dreamers. Because successful people know how to USE constructive feedback, and not get used by it.  

Successful people don’t take criticisms personally, they leave their emotions out. Successful people will figure out their mistakes based on the feedback given, and not repeat them.

You must turn every criticism into an opportunity to work on yourself, further develop your skills/product/services/ideas and turn the non-believers into believers.

It may sound corny, but getting rejected and facing harsh criticism is just part of the process of obtaining your ultimate vision and reaching your fullest potential.

The next time you get rejected, take a moment to access your reaction, remember it’s not personal and then immediately (not tomorrow, not next week), but immediately start crafting a better product or idea.