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Living in Fear is Not Really Living

I would rather live with failure than regret. Let me repeat that. I would rather live with knowing I tried and failed at something, then regret never having tried at all.

Regret is the worst emotion. I don’t want to look back on my life in 10 years & be furious with myself for never taking the risk, never going outside my comfort zone, & never trying something different.

Fear will keep you from success. Fear will keep you from reaching your full potential. Fear will ensure you never achieve your dreams.

If you knew there was NO way you could fail at something, what would you do?

Please know that fear is holding you back.

Successful people turn their fears into motivators, while unsuccessful people just complain about their fears.

Oh, by the way, why do you think you’re the only one who’s fearful? EVERYONE is fearful; the difference is in how you manage your fears.

Fear is a sign that you’re stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. (That’s a good thing, because it’ll take you further away from being average, mediocre and following the status quo).

No fear = you’re not taking enough action, enough effort into achieving your dreams.

Every entrepreneur or creative person who ever changed branched out on their own experienced fear before achieving success.

Harnessing your fears so they work for you means:

  1. Realizing you’ll never have it all perfectly figured out.
  2. Your life will be messy at times. Learn to love the mess.
  3. Waiting until you’re absolutely prepared to do something = means you’ll NEVER DO ANYTHING. Stop waiting and start acting.
  4. Stop waiting for permission to do something new or different. Innovators innovate, creative people create….now what do you do?

Even though more women are getting a post-secondary education, we have fewer women in leadership positions,  only 17/195 countries are run by women, & 21% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women.

Please, let’s start using our fears to our advantage and go ALL IN. We can make a difference.