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Women Pay More for the Same Products Men Buy

I’m sure you already had an inkling about this, but women pay more for the same products men purchase!  Ugh. This is known as the “woman tax” (gender-based pricing) or even annoyingly referred to as “pink tax” (because every woman loves the colour pink, right?).

Back in 1995 a California study showed that women paid $1350 MORE per year for the exact same products men bought. Sadly, these prices differences in products still exist.

Now, the YouTube Channel The Daily Share made a video testing out how true this still is.

Add this “woman tax” on TOP of pay inequality –whereby women make 78 cents for every dollar a woman makes, according to latest White House Research  and if you’re African-American 64 cents or Latina, – 56 cents, the numbers are even worse.

Add this on TOP of women typically accepting the 1st offer, & not negotiating for more and you’ll see that the cumulative effects of this gender-based pricing are staggering. Your finances take a hit. Your pension is smaller. You just have less money.

These price discrepancies have to bother you enough to do something about it, until then you’ll be paying more for the same products.

neutrogena costs more

I’m officially going to switch to men’s deodorants, shaving cream, razors etc. until prices equalize. Why pay more?

But, more importantly, I’m going to figure out how to MAKE MORE MONEY, and BE MORE SUCCESSFUL, so paying $1350 more a year doesn’t bankrupt me.