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How Much Space Do You Take Up?

Often times women feel more comfortable stepping out of the limelight. They recoil instead of standing tall.

They choose the backstage. They lean back, instead of leaning in.

What you have to say is as important as how you speak & how you present yourself physically.

Do you try to take up as much space as possible when you enter a room?

Your body language & how you present yourself is an indicator to others of how seriously they should take you.

Your posture, your handshake (stop with the limp handshakes!), your voice, and how you hold yourself can either strengthen your communication, your brand and your message, OR it can weaken it.

You’re always communicating something, even when you say nothing. You’re always informing people of your worth, even when you sit at the back and never speak.

How do you hold yourself? How do you enter a room? Do you stare downwards, avoiding eye contact with people?

Is your body language uncomfortable, awkward, and tentative? Do you look unsure of yourself?

Is your body language silly and amateur like?

How you present yourself will change how people perceive you. It may not be fair to judge someone by how they look, but it’s reality and we’re all guilty of it all the time.


  • Always dress for the position you want, not the position you’re in. When I was a teaching assistant, I always got mistaken for a Professor because I looked the part.
  • Practice! –You must practice making an entrance, looking people in the eye when you introduce yourself, delivering a confident handshake. You don’t just learn this stuff through osmosis. You must practice and train and ask for feedback.
  • Assess your wardrobe situation……invest in key pieces that make you feel confident. Know how to dress for your body type and size. Have a signature look that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Video-tape yourself talking. Analyze your body language. Look at your posture, the tone of your voice, arm movements etc. Ask others to provide feedback.
  • Join a social club! At the ALL IN club we conduct public speaking drills for 90 minutes and everyone talks and receives immediate feedback on what they did well and what they need to work on.