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Damn Princess

So, this is a picture of my daughter’s playroom.  You’ll notice that the kitchen takes prominence……

 and then I bought her this.

Seriously. I complain about the absurdity of wasting your time cleaning and then I buy my 3-year-old a cute little cleaning kit. And so she sweeps the floors, wanting to “clean like Mama”……

What am I doing?

She wants to be a princess. I tell her it’s out of the question. Princesses don’t have careers. They constantly need saving. They’re not their own boss. None of this matters to my daughter.

I want to be Princess Ana  she tells me. (from Frozen, even though she’s never seen the movie).

Instead, I talk to her about Hillary Clinton running for President. I reiterate my original point about the futility of being a princess, since you have to rely on everyone else to help you. This means nothing to her.

Mama buy me Barbie. Absolutely not. Barbie’s are even worse than princesses. I’ll buy you an engineering kit, a microscope, a membership to the science museum, or an Adidas track suit so you can start participating in triathlons like your father.

She is undeterred.

I explain that we must aim HIGH in life and that she can dream bigger than just being a princess or a Barbie.

She’s silent for a moment and she seemingly ponders…..

OK Mama, Can I be a Mermaid Barbie  when I grow up?