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Our Responsibilities as Women

I know our “responsibilities” as women are multiple & endless (worker, financial planner, mother, parent, chef, nutritionist, appointment maker, cleaner, organizer, dog walker, family event planner, spouse, lover, friend, ‘soul mate,’ driver, stylist, allergist & family enthusiast), but I need to add one more item to this list.

We need to build a coalition of strong, empowered and confident women. And I need your help.

Once you’ve begun your journey of increasing your assertiveness and your confidence, reach out to other women. Help them out. Encourage them.

Once you’ve mastered your public speaking, communication or negotiation skills, look to help other women out; your neighbours, sisters, spouses, daughters, friends & business associates.

We are in this together.

We must be there for each other.

We must draw strength and encouragement from other’s success. One woman’s success does not negate our own. There is room for all of us to be successful, as long as you’re willing to work harder for it than anyone else.

Be a role model. Be a mentor.

Let’s create a coalition, a movement of women reaching UP.

Reach UP for leadership positions. Reach UP for success.

Don’t hang out with mediocre. Don’t let averageness into your life.

Expect more from yourself and those in your life.

Let’s change the statistics on women leaders in the world.


  • Realize that all job postings are a WISH list for the perfect candidate. Employers know it’s unrealistic for people to have ALL the qualifications listed. So, start applying for jobs even though you don’t fit 100% of the criteria.  (Men apply for jobs if they fit only 60% of the criteria!!).
  • Encourage other women to apply for higher positions & reach out of their comfort zones.
  • Recommend job notices to women who might be interested…there’s enough for all of us.
  • When you notice a woman apologizing before she speaks, pull her aside and tell her to stop apologizing! Explain to her how it weakens her message when she begins so passively.
  • Be open to asking for & receiving constructive feedback on your work. I recently asked a talented research assistant of mine about my YouTube videos. She gave me really insightful feedback. More importantly she told me the honest, raw truth, not just something “nice,” but something helpful. I only want the truth, so I can improve my work. Constructive feedback can move us forward by bettering our message, product or brand.
  • Please let’s start supporting & encouraging other women to reach for success