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Do You Have Enough Passion?

Here’s the deal with having too much passion or energy.

Um. You can’t.

That’s it.

Having too much energy is not your problem. Not being obsessed is your problem. You’ve got to become OBSESSED with achieving your potential and ultimate vision for your life.

IF you’re not obsessed, if people don’t think you’re fanatical about achieving your goals on a DAILY, CONSISTENT BASIS, then that right there is your problem.

Short story.

Never ever doubt how much tremendous effort, planning, perseverance, dedication and deliberate focus it will take to achieve what your dreams.

You must make success your priority in life. It’s not an option. It’s not a potential plan. It is the plan. Be obsessed with your to-do list, your daily goals, your weekly plans to ensure that every single thing you do aligns with your ultimate vision.

Every single day you must make success your priority. Fulfilling your potential must be your priority, every single hour. When your priorities are clear, things fall into their proper places somehow.

That’s the deal with energy & passion. You can never, ever have too much of it.