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Why You Need to SELL Yourself and Self-Promote


Selling is the art of persuasion, you’re inducing someone to buy something from you. To buy into your ideas, your product, your service, your brand and you. What’s wrong with that?  NOTHING. BUT damn, most women HATE selling. Just the idea of “selling” makes them feel uncomfortable.

Everywhere you go, you’re selling. And if you think you’re not selling, then someone is selling to you. (You’re being sold! and you don’t even realize it).

Selling and self promotion are intertwined.

Self-promotion is about advocating for yourself. You’re articulating your skills, experience and assets and how you add value for others.  It’s about connecting your skill sets or product with the needs of others. A perfect synergy! 

Self promotion can change our lives, enrich our experiences and our bank accounts, so why do we fear it so much?

If you are not advocating for yourself, please know that no ONE else will do this for you.

Stop playing nice, stop with the good-girl act, stop with the humble-pie shtick, it’s not endearing, it’s infuriating actually. Because we can achieve SO much more if we just start advocating for ourselves.

Self-promotion means:

  • Getting out of obscurity. If no one knows what you do, or what services you have to offer…..then seriously, what’s the point?
  • Taking responsibility for your life. Stop waiting for opportunities to happen and start creating them.

As women, we’ve internalized the notion that self-promotion is egotistical, self-centred, aggressive, & pushy.

But really, women who push back against the gender norms of nice-girlisms are the ones we should be looking up to.

Sara Blakely, founder of SPANX is one woman I definitely look up to.

Do you know how many manufacturers rejected Sara Blakely’s nylon undergarment? 100!!!!

And she kept going, kept advocating, kept selling her idea of this awesome seamless undergarment…..that eventually became known as SPANX. All because she wanted to wear white pants and not have visible panty lines.

Sell, baby. Sell. Sell like your livelihood depends on it.   Promote yourself, advocate for yourself. And never stop.

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