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Letting Go – A Radical Process

I’m excited to welcome a GUEST POST by blogger and Body Positive Activist Carly McLeod.

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We all have a story — things that we carry around with us always. We cling to experiences, memories, moments, objects that have shaped us, and without really acknowledging that in a small, undetectable way, they continue to shape our futures. This collection becomes our origin story but also our trajectory.

Every wonder why you feel that each time you set out on a different path, you are sucked back into bad habits?

Or even though you know your relationship with your friend has left you feeling uneasy, you continue to hang out them? It’s as if you already know these scenarios – you gotta let go and move on – but there’s a strong magnetic pull that snaps you back to where you have always felt safe and comfortable.

This isn’t some chilly-Disney-princess wake up call. It’s a reality check. Letting go is a radical process.

Stories can very easily morph road blocks while then transform into mountains of excuses.

Stand back and trace how you got attached to these stories in the first place.

Identify how these stories continue to make you stumble, feel unproductive, or take you in a complete opposite direction that you don’t want to go in. You might not even be able to see what is on the other side.


Call into question why you want it to be your story. Imagine where that story is taking you. If it doesn’t line up to where you envision yourself, it’s time to let it go and formulate the story that gets you where need to be. Don’t worry if it seems impossible, you gotta let go to get there!

The process is mixture of gratitude and honesty, with a dash of fear. No one wants to drudge up things from the past. It’s uncomfortable but it’s beneficial. You know that you can never truly move forward unless you spend some time thinking about and acknowledging the impact of negativity in your life.

Write down your stories. Acknowledge the setback. Let the negativity go. Create new meanings.


Here are some things that I am working on:

  • I am letting go of fat shame and I will not let the size of my body define my worth.
  • I am letting go of toxic people and surrounding myself with supportive, joyful people.
  • I am letting go of objects that I have carried for an extraordinary amount of time and no longer need and being grateful for what I have.

Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Letting go is thrilling. It’s as if the possibility of being in control of your own story has been given back to you, reclaimed. Dropping off piles of “baggage” will leave you feeling light.  Fill up your life with self-love and acceptance, ideas, and your vision for your life. Never look back.


Carly McLeod is a body positive activist born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She shares her unapologetic”fat grrrl” experience through writing and storytelling, served with a hefty dose of humor. Carly is developing a workshop to help others get over the fear of loving themselves. 



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