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How to Ask a Question


Do you have rambling questions?

Ever listen to someone ask a question that goes on and ON, and ON. Yes, this is the typical “rambling question” problem.

When you ask a question either in a classroom setting, at work, or in the audience while listening to a speech or workshop, you need to follow these tips:

Know exactly what you want to ask before you speak.

Write your question down.

Your question should be 1 sentence. It should only take 10-20 seconds to ask.

Don’t ask 3-part questions. Everyone hates these. Two questions maximum per person, then they kick you out of the club!

Never start your question off with an apology (“I’m sorry if you’ve already asked this….”)

Don’t start your question off with a story, explanation, lecture or preamble. Just get to the point. The quicker you get to the point the more confident you sound. The longer it takes to ask your question, the more confused & disorganized you sound.

After you’ve asked your question, stop talking! I can’t emphasize this enough.  Put the microphone down, take a seat, and then listen to the response.

I’ve been asked such rambling questions during my presentations that I’ve had to write down all their points and then try to rephrase it back to them. I’ve also had to cut people off because they didn’t even know what they were asking. I’ve had to take the microphone away from people during seminars because they were so nervous they just kept rambling on.

Practice asking questions with confidence, because if you don’t sound confident no one will have confidence in your skills or abilities.

And all people will here is blah, blah, blah…..