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Use Technology or Get Used By It

I get totally used by technology. I mean it’s a metaphysical cerebral assault how often I get used by technology. And I didn’t even mind.

Then I started hanging out with successful people. I learned about their schedules and I noticed that really successful people don’t watch TV. They only use Instagram to post images of their own success. They only tweet out information related to their own business/ideas/brands.

Ah, where have I been?  Down a Netflix bender of 3 seasons of House of Cards, 5 seasons of Downtown Abbey. Orange is the new Black Season 1. I went down the rabbit hole of Pinterest looking at gourmet vegan food so opulent and decadently prepared that I know I’ll never attempt the recipe, but I want to feel like a chef so I browse photos for 30 minutes.

Then when I want to feel like I’m living in Architectural Digest I spend time browsing the decorating site Houzz. You should see how utterly gorgeous my house is in my dreams. I mean stunning.

All of my students complain about procrastination & yet they readily admit how much time they waste on Netflix, FB, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Kim Kardashian in her latest interview was asked what shows she likes to watch. Her answer: she doesn’t have time to watch TV! –She’s the biggest reality television star and she doesn’t watch TV.

Steve Jobs limited the use of technology in his home. You’d think his kids would have iPads in every room, but he never allowed it. He wanted to foster creativity in his kids.

Every major technology titan LIMITS THE AMOUNT OF TECHNOLOGY they and their families use. What??  (see the NYT article below).

Why did no one tell me this?

I listened to a comedian complain that he was “done with Netflix, meaning I’m literally done watching everything on Netflix…” and I had to laugh, and then cry a little at how truthful this sentiment was.

I had to quit technology for entertainment purposes. I haven’t had cable in over 10 years, so I felt a litle cocky, but then I started actually ADDING UP THE HOURS I spend on-line and it was pitiful.

TIP: Cut yourself off one website or TV show at a time. No more FB updates until the end of the day. No more browsing Pinterest or Instagram if you haven’t accomplished your to-do list and pushed yourself and your career forward.

Next time you’re bored, read a book. Yeah, I said it. An actual book that you hold in your hands. Old school all the way.


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  • It is sad that I don’t know how to get a physical book from the libraries on campus! I am in grad school! Shame on me!!! The saddest part of the story – if I am doing research and looking for a book, if the book doesn’t exist in an electronic form, I will ignore the source and use something else instead … As an excuse, I can tell you the reason why I prefer e-books is because of their cheaper prices. And if you’re reading off of your computer screen, you are tempted to visit websites. But no, that’s not a good excuse! I am going to start adding up minutes and hours. What an amazing tip. The sooner we face the problem, the sooner we can find solutions!

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