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The Reasons Why We Hate Public Speaking

Why do we hate public speaking so much??

Nerves….it’s perfectly acceptable to be nervous before you speak publicly. Most people have butterflies in their stomach beforehand. That’s NORMAL. Having a healthy sense of fear is good for you.

Mistakes. –For some reason we think that our speech or whatever we have to say in public has to be perfect, no mistakes or failures allowed. But this is just not possible. You will make a mistake or flub your lines or say something off-the-cuff that you probably shouldn’t have. You will forget your point, lose your train of thought or have a joke completely fails. That’s part of the process.

Lack of practice. If you want to get better at public speaking the only thing that will help you is to practice, practice, practice. It’s that simple. Take every opportunity you have to say something aloud, talk to a group of people, ask a question in a class or work meeting. Volunteer to speak at an event. Offer your opinion. Practice using PowerPoint until you’re comfortable with it. Practice including visual aids until you’re proficient in it. Practice telling jokes until people actually laugh. It’s all about practicing. If you really, truly want to become a better speaker, you must diligently work on this.

Adequately prepare. If you’re giving a speech you must prepare for it. Don’t try to wing it the night before or ad lib on the spot. Only seasoned professional speakers can do that. Everyone else prepares.

Accept the attention. –Women have a really hard time accepting to be the center of attention. Just last week at the hair salon I heard a woman complaining about how much she hates being the center of attention….even for her upcoming wedding!  I couldn’t believe it, this woman. She had internalized all the ideas that women shouldn’t speak up, shouldn’t get noticed because that would be cocky, or arrogant. As much as it might scare you, you must push yourself to take center stage and believe that you have value to add.

You’ll never grow if you always stay in your comfort zone. You’ll never achieve your fullest potential if you’re constantly worried about what other people think. You’ll never achieve your dreams if you don’t practice, practice, practice.

The more often you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and live in that healthy uncomfortable spot (where the butterflies are)….. The easier public speaking will become. Make it part of your new mindset, your new lifestyle to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.