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How Badly Do You Want Success?

How badly do you want to succeed? Some people want success, but they only want to work for it part-time. Some people need success like they need air to breathe, without it they’re chocking on the futility of mediocrity that is their lives.

Do you need success so badly you feel you’re suffocating in your daily life? Or, are you like most people and you sort of only really want a little bit of success.

Maybe you’re one of those people who dreams of being successful but does nothing towards achieving that success. Maybe you’re stunningly successful IN YOUR MIND, and never translate that into your daily practices.

Maybe you like the lifestyle of successful people, who don’t have to look at the price tags of items, and can afford to go to Starbucks twice a day and wear designer suits…….

Maybe you like the look of successful people flying in 1st class with their Louis Vuitton handbags and Louboutin heels, but it never occurred to you to bust your ass working non-stop to achieve those things.

I’ll ask you again, how badly do you want success?  Can you describe what successful means to you?

How prepared are you to work every single day, and then day after day, after month……and NEVER let up, in order to fulfill your dreams?

It’s so tough, it’s so exhausting, and the rejection can sometimes be debilitating and depressing. But the alternative is always SO much worse.

Remember, the alternative to success is mediocrity. The alternative to achieving phenomenal levels of success is just maintaining the status quo…..just keep on doing the same ol’ thing that you’re doing and getting nowhere, and living  pay cheque to pay cheque and counting your pennies and clipping coupons and looking for the sales.

That kind of life has to be WORSE than working your ass off to achieve your full potential.

It just has to be.

Don’t be one of those people who always talks about being an “artist, designer, creator, writer….” but then never actually designs, creates or writes anything. You can always do more, start today.


  1. Do you have a vision for your life that you’ve written down? Read this vision twice daily. In the morning and before you go to bed.
  2. Have you aligned your daily goals to reflect your long-term vision?
  3. Have you worked out a schedule for the entire week?
  4. Are you working on your most difficult tasks first?
  5. Are you investing into your career? (Books, social clubs, conferences, audio books, etc.)
  6. Are you evaluating your schedule on a weekly basis to see what areas need improvement?
  7. Have you completely accepted the enormous amount of time, energy, dedication and persistence involved in generating success for yourself?
  8. Do you accept constructive criticism well? Or does it still ruin your day?
  9. When you stumble or fail…..what’s your reaction? How quickly do you get back to work?