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STOP Self-Correcting When Speaking


Ever hear someone stop and start speaking over and over again?? It goes something like this:

Today I will discuss how fear leads women to make poor decisions. Well, I don’t mean to say that fear–OK, let me start again. It’s not that I’m saying all women make poor decisions. It’s just that some people because of fear, or maybe it’s not fear all the time…..Even though men make fear based decisions, I’m just speaking about women. I guess I could have included more details about men, but since this is a conference for women…..maybe that’s something we can look into for next time.

What are you talking about??  No one really knows.

Whenever you find yourself trying to delete what you just said. STOP. Pause. You don’t have to do that. People tend to overcorrect when they’re nervous and waste time worrying about how others may be perceiving them, rather than just concentrating on the message they’re delivering.

Remember, it’s all about the message, not about whether you delivered your talk 100% correctly.

  • ALSO, don’t undercut yourself by saying something and then immediately take it back. For example:

I know that if we can increase women’s confidence levels we can increase their success potential. It may not be 100% of the time…..I may be wrong, I’m haven’t conducted research on this.

Again, what??  Undercutting your message dilutes the strength of it and makes you sound unsure.

  • Stop using passive language like I believe, I think, I assume, I’ll try, Perhaps, Maybe.

You must speak with conviction, no hesitation. No tentativeness. Just damn confidence.

  • Avoid qualifiers. Stuff like it’s just a thought…..just my opinion….I could be wrong…..maybe this is silly. STOP creating doubt in your audience where doubt did not exist.

Speak like a leader, not a follower.