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Damn the Excuses!

Have you ever uttered the phrase “Yeah, I wish I could do that BUT,” or “Yeah, I should have done that, BUT.”?  “Yeah, I always wanted to do that, BUT ….”   These are basically excuses you give yourself for why you didn’t do something. You`re just lying to yourself, no one else.

Could have.  Should have.  Would have. BUT you didn’t. That’s the truth.

Everyone is a star athlete in their mind. Everyone is a writer, but only a handful actually writes. Everyone is articulate and eloquent and persuasive in their mind, until they open their mouth and garbage comes out.

The difference between the athlete, the writer and the successful salesperson is they practiced, they trained, they prepared and most importantly they took action. Everyone else just thinks about success, day dreams about success, talks about being successful, but then never acts upon it.

Start taking action today on what will move you forward in your career or education. Stop thinking about it, stop over-thinking it, stop allowing fears and doubts to control your life.

Stop right now and come up with ONE THING you can do today to move your life forward. Pick the most difficult task because you’ll feel like a total superstar when you complete it.

This is where most people get lost……they live in their minds and never come down to reality (grad school I’m talking to you here!).

Creating success isn`t about luck. It`s about hard work. Successful people didn`t luck out. The worked for it, planned for it and then took action every single day to get them success.


  1. Take action. What type of action are you taking to move you forward? Just a little bit? A fair amount? Or MASSIVE action? Are you taking extraordinary, impressive and outstanding amounts of action?  Because that’s the only type that counts.
  2. Evaluate yourself every day. How productive were you today? What results did you produce? It’s not about effort, it’s about results. It’s challenging to objectively evaluate yourself, we may think we’re doing well, but when you actually see your progress written down on paper, you’ll probably need to increase your effort.
  3. Stop underestimating how much work, effort and persistence is required for success. People think they can send out a few tweets, write a few blogs or send out 10 resumes and people will flock to you. NO! I can’t emphasize this enough. Recognize that anything worth having takes enormous amounts of dedication. Be willing to do what others are not. Be willing to call 100 clients to promote your services, while most people will only call 10. Be willing to send out 100 emails looking for a new job. Be willing to visit 100 businesses in person, because no one else will do this, you can count on it.

Start viewing success as your ONLY option. There is no plan B. There is no lottery. There is only the reality you create for yourself. Success is your responsibility. Own it.