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How to Develop Your Leadership Pitch

Developing an effective pitch or script is not unlike writing an essay. You must do 3 key things:

  • Grab my attention – PRESENT
  • Tell me your message – PERSUADE
  • Ask for the sale – WIN the sale

Use the template below to help script your perfect pitch. You must practice your pitch so that you control the conversation whenever opportunity strikes. Which is everywhere.

Headliner (grab attention) How are you going to get someone’s attention? Use a statistic, interesting fact, something personal/humorous. Be positive.
30 second summary (who are you, what do you do?) You better time this and say it with such enthusiasm that people naturally want to hear more. Tell them exactly what the problem is and how your product/service or idea can SOLVE that problem. How can you benefit THEM?
Point #1 Go into more detail on ONE point.
Point #2 Go into more detail on a 2nd point.
Summary of your message Just like in school, you need to restate your message again. People have short attention spans and there’s SO much noise out there competing for everyone’s dollar, so restate your message again.
What’s the ASK? What’s the action you’re asking for?  What do you WANT?

You must know exactly what you want from every potential client (it could be different things for different people), but you must know this BEFORE you speak.

Always ask for something specific. Never say “I’d love to discuss this further with you some time”. BLAH. It’s not specific. Instead, say “Let’s discuss this further. How is tomorrow night at 7pm at Harper’s Landing?” You give the day/time/location. Have something locked into place by the end of the conversation.

 Remember, this sales pitch needs to be enjoyable for both you and your potential client. You stand out from the crowd by preparing your leadership pitch, so that your client feels genuinely enthused, they must feel your sincere excitement.

No one will ever be as passionate about your idea or product as you are, so it’s your job to convince them that you are the best person, you have the best idea, you provide the best service.

Every single pitch has to communicate the following:

There’s a void in the market.

I have exactly what you need

I fill the void in the market through my product/idea/service/brand/etc.

You have a problem and I want to SOLVE your problem.

I want to make your life easier.

I want to help you grow your business

I want you to stand out from the competitors.

The possibilities for success are endless. Let’s do this together. NOW. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s move on this today.

You pitch must include: what you’re going to do for the client or company. What value you’re adding to them, not what they can do for you. Don’t talk about what you’ve done for others, talk about what you’ll do for THEM, right now, if given the opportunity.

I’m excited just typing this out… what’s your sales pitch?