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Stop Being Grateful & Start Being Ambitious!

Ambition quote

You must develop a leader’s mindset, a leader’s lingo, a leader’s confidence.

Men are aggressive in pursuing what they want, while women typically hold back.

Men see and seize opportunities wherever they are with everyone they meet, while women wait for permission.

Men are constantly looking for their next promotion, while women talk and day-dream about it.

Men are always visible; making sure everyone knows who they are. Women want to blend in, sit at the back and go unnoticed.

Men ask for challenging assignments, they always ask for more than they can handle. Women wait to be asked, assuming their work ethic will get them noticed. Guess what? It never does.

Men look for opportunities to showcase their leadership qualities while women talk about team work. (Ugh!)

Men are constantly selling themselves as capable, driven, dedicated, and ambitious…they see themselves as leaders.

Women think selling themselves is too brash, too cocky or aggressive, so they sit on the friggin’ sidelines. Guess who gets promoted more often? Guess who gets the higher raise? Guess who gets the more challenging assignments?

Men are always thinking about their next career move.

Women are fearful, driven by that stupid negative voice in their heads that tells them they can’t do something, so they sit in mediocrity (the status quo realm) for years….OR worse yet; women usually have NO idea where they want their careers to be in 5 years from now, they don’t envision themselves as leaders, winners or successful. Some even struggle with what their skill sets are.

Successful people think like leaders….unsuccessful people think like followers.

Women are cautious and men are forward thinkers. Women want to play by the rules to make sure they don’t offend anyone, and men take charge and worry about the consequences (if there are any) later on.

Of course not every man is this confident and not every woman is this passive…..but the research confirms that in general this is the sad difference between how men and women think about themselves, how they promote themselves and the types of career moves they make.

The question for the women is………when will it be time to step up? When will you shut down that negative voice? When will you stop doubting yourself? When will you be willing to take a risk, fail at something and then GET BACK UP? When?



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