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Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Holy smokes, they do not teach this in school. You can get almost anything you want with the right attitude. It’s a positive attitude that matters most of all. Have a negative attitude and watch people go out of their way to make sure you don’t get what you want.

A positive attitude is everything. You must emit positivity. You must seem energetic and happy (even when your day is miserable and everything is going wrong, that’s your problem, not other people).

When I’m preparing a lecture and my daughter’s daycare calls me to pick her up because she has a fever and that cuts into my preparation time by 5 hours, and then I travel to school all frazzled and realize I forgot my USB disk at home, only to be 10 minutes late for a meeting THAT I CALLED with my teaching assistants’—well, that’s a bad day. But when I get into that lecture hall, it’s game on. There’s a smile on my face from the moment I’m on campus until I get into my car.

People feed off your energy. When you’re positive, happy and energetic, that transmits to other people. It’s contagious and others are more receptive to what you’re saying.

Whatever you’re selling (your lecture, product, idea, service) people will not be buying unless you’re positive.

You want an extension on your paper? You want a raise a work? You want more responsibility? You want to tackle a new project? You want to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met as part of your networking skills… then you better bring the positivity.

I was recently speaking to the head of a large research institute and asked her how they decide between two equally qualified candidates for the job. Without hesitating, she replied: “We pick the nicer person. We pick the person with the better attitude because we don’t want to work with an asshole.” Well said.


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