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Don’t Lower your Goals, Dream BIGGER!

When you don’t achieve your goals do you think it’s alright to start lowering your goals? Women have internalized failure; we’re so worried we’re going to fail at something that we just lower our expectations and goals until we’ve convinced ourselves we didn’t even want it in the first place.

When I started this website 2 weeks ago, I gave myself a goal of 75 blogs every 2 weeks. I didn’t attain that goal, but I did write 55 blogs! Can you imagine if my original goal was only 25 blogs every 2 weeks?

That’s why we have to dream bigger and stretch our goals beyond our comfort zone, because we will fail at some point, (you’ll never perfectly complete everything on your to-do list every single day), –so wouldn’t your rather fail trying to achieve a higher goal than settling for something subpar?

Why try to achieve mediocrity, when you know mediocrity doesn’t get rewarded?

This is a problem for women specifically because we don’t speak up unless we’re certain we have the right answer. We don’t try something twice if we’ve failed at it the first time around. We don’t take more challenging classes in case we look like fools for not knowing the subject matter. We don’t work on our weaknesses (i.e. writing skills, public speaking skills!) because we think we should be perfect and flawless and have everything all figured out.

If you place limits on your potential, you will limit your ability to be successful. Lower your targets or your goals, and you’re basically lowering your standard of living. I’m serious. If we don’t get more women to dream bigger, aspire to be more and achieve more, we will continue to be the ones who follow orders, instead of being the decision makers.


  • Write down your vision for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
  • Tell someone your dreams. Tell them your vision for your life. What’s their reaction? What was yours? Did you crumble away because someone didn’t believe in your dreams? Get over it now, and get back to building your dreams.