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You’re Not a Polling Station!

Do you ask your mother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbor and nutritionist for their opinion on a topic before you make a final decision?  Well, you need to stop doing this. It’s weak.  It shows you’re indecisive and you lack confidence, and nobody wants a leader that’s indecisive or unsure of themselves.

Stop getting everyone’s opinions before making a decision. Women do this in order to avoid taking a risk. While leaders lead, women tend to hope “they get it right,” so they can avoid culpability in case they’re wrong. But, also because women suffer from the disease of “perfectionism.” Have you heard of it?  It’s contagious, so stay away from perfectionists.

I have no idea why perfectionism is a goal for some people, because perfectionism doesn’t ensure you’re perfect, all it does is ensure you’re stressed, forces you to micromanage things and in the end you fail at doing it all, because NO ONE CAN DO IT ALL, and do it perfectly all the time.

Next time you need to make a decision: just make one. If you made the wrong decision, so be it, AT LEAST YOU MADE A DECISION.

Ever go out with friends for dinner and find that more often than not it’s women who say “I just can’t decide what to eat,” as if it’s such a cute thing to be indecisive. Um, it’s not.

Imagine this same scenario at a business lunch and the lone woman is furiously rummaging through the menu 5, 8, 10, 12 minutes later everyone else knows what they want to eat and she still can’t decide. Guess who’s not getting that promotion?  Seriously.

Challenge: Make one decision today without asking anyone else for their opinion. At work, if you would normally ask your boss before doing something, try just moving forward with the decision. (Start off with a relatively low-risk decision and build up from there). Like, don’t go firing people at work… up to that.

Remember, you’re not a polling station. Stop canvasing people for their opinions.