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Time Management – What are you doing with your time?

My students always ask me for tips on time management and every year it’s the top issue students’ deal with. So, how do you manage your time better?

Start acting, stop thinking about it. It’s literally that simple.

I could end the post now…but I’ll indulge this issue a bit more.

Most people waste their time because:

(1) They dabble. They dabble a little here, they try something over there, and they just coast from course to course or job to job, without ever establishing a vision (i.e. an ultimate dream they’re working towards). Without that vision, you easily waste your time. Dabbling also prevents you from going ALL IN, because you’re straddling two different worlds, not ready to drop the safety net, take a risk and go ALL IN.

(2) They’re reactive, instead of being proactive. Instead of merely reacting to events in your life, (deadlines, and assignments)—you need to take the initiative and steer your career and your life in the direction you ultimately want to be in.

(3) They lack an overall vision for their lives: Forget about reading time management books or attending seminars on how to manage your time better. What you need to figure out is the vision for your life. Where do you see yourself? What does success look like for you?

Establish a vision that is focused and quantifiable (that way you can evaluate yourself) and you’ll start managing time better.

(4) There’s no sense of urgency. People act as if time is unlimited and they have their whole lives to be productive and successful. You don’t. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens after incredible amounts of daily consistent effort and planning.

(5) People have underestimated the workload involved in creating success. –If you’ve underestimated how difficult it will be to achieve success, then you’re more likely to let failure stop you. BUT, if you already know and are prepared to work 5X as hard to achieve your success, you expect failure and work around it. See the difference?  Successful people learn from their failures and move forward because they know failure is part of the process, whereas unsuccessful people are thrown off course by failure/mistakes and then they just stop and do nothing at all. Hence….procrastination sets in.

Establish your vision (see my previous post “What’s your vision?”).

Take immediate action today. Make sure you do something today to move you forward. That’s how you start owning time.