Career Growth, Confidence

Why You Need a Pitch

Listen to me, stop being afraid of selling. Everyone is selling something to somebody every hour of the day all over the world. At Starbucks they’re trying to up-sell you with a food product to go along with your $6.00 latte.

At the gym they’re trying to up-sell you personal training, vitamins and protein shakes. At the mall you know you’re being sold as soon as you walk into Sephora. No explanation necessary.

So why do women have such resistance when it comes to selling ourselves, our talents, ideas or experiences? 

FEAR. It’s uncomfortable for so many women to have the spotlight on them. It makes women nervous to self-promote because they have these antiquated ideas that self-promotion is too pushy, it’s too aggressive, it’s too much. Women have these naive ideas that their good work will get noticed all on its own. BUT it won’t.

Self promotion is not like a faucet, you can’t just turn it on and off. You must grow it, develop it and turn it into your habitus (your disposition, your mindset and your personhood). Self-promotion must become a part of who you are.

So develop that pitch so that you sound articulate and confident and can take advantage of every opportunity, even when you’re not “ready” for it.  (I’m guilty of this also. The Type A personality in me thinks I need to have everything PERFECT, and perfectly figured out before I do anything.)

A pitch serves multiple purposes:

  1. It raises your profile. It gets you out of obscurity. It gets you noticed. It makes you visible. (how else can I say this?!).–Don’t live in obscurity, nothing good happens there.
  2. It develops your communication skills. It makes you a more thoughtful, articulate, focused and confident speaker. Practice makes perfect.
  3. It keeps you focused on the message which is the value you add to others.
  4. It helps you develop your ideas more soundly.
  5. It encourages you to see opportunities everywhere. Everyone is a potential client, every environment is a potential sales floor. It helps you to maximize your opportunities.
  6. It makes you a more persuasive and convincing speaker. No one likes a rambler, a mumbler or a monotone speaker. Learn how to pitch to anyone anywhere and you’ll be seen as confident, capable and leadership material.