Career Growth, Confidence

Always Over-deliver

Whatever job you’re in, whoever you’re working for, always, always OVERDELIVER. You must outwork your co-workers and colleagues in order to get noticed and stand out in the crowd. This doesn’t mean getting people coffee and photocopying stuff, that’s kiddie stuff. I’m talking about asking for more challenging assignments, working your butt off, doing a phenomenal job and singing your own praises. You must work on the big pay-off stuff, and leave the rest to the temps.

There’s absolutely NO POINT in over-delivering if you’re not letting everyone else know what an amazing job you’re doing.  Please, don’t believe that mythical idea that “the work should speak for itself….everyone will see what a great job I’m doing…”  NO THEY WON’T!

I must shout this at you, because most women make this egregious mistake again and again. Stop waiting to get noticed, it doesn’t work. While you’re waiting, 12 other people (mostly men) are charging ahead screaming their accomplishments, tweeting their experiences, and emailing their results to people who make the major decisions.

Wherever you are in life, you must go ALL IN, ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME. Half-measures do nothing for you.

Whatever project you’re working on, commit all the way. Don’t just “try it out.” Because trying something out, just dabbling in something will never produce exceptional results, and exceptional should always be your target. You want to live and breathe and swim in the exceptional waters. OK?

Over-delivering is useful for both you and the company or boss you work for. Over-delivering:

  1. Creates dependability. People know they can rely on your extreme work ethic to get the job done. They know your word means something and that you’ll always make your deadline.
  2. Produces exceptional results. People come to expect greatness from you and your work because you’ve always delivered your best work at all times.
  3. Shows initiative and confidence. When you’re producing exceptional work on a consistent basis you just look more competent, you feel more confident and people love your drive, your instinct and initiative. It’s contagious. AND, people feel confident recommending you to other businesses…this is how you get jobs.
  4. Shows you’re motivated. You’re motivated to learn, grow, & to challenge yourself. You’re always forward thinking. You don’t live in the past, you’re always looking forward.
  5. Creates success. Successful people don’t just stumble upon success. They work at being successful, and with each little bit of success, more doors open for them, more opportunities come their way. This is not luck. This is preparation, dedication and perseverance.
  6. Demands greatness of you. By consistently over-delivering on your projects, you automatically push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Thinking outside the box starts to become the norm for you. Seeing challenges as opportunities is where you live now. Immediately you are able to distinguish between mediocrity and greatness, and greatness is who you are. Greatness ensures that you don’t follow the norm, the status-quo or what everyone else is doing. You’re creating the new rules, and breaking down the old ones. That’s what greatness does for you.

As many of you might know, I took a really long time to finish my undergraduate degree. Like 10 or 11 years actually. After my first year in school, I immediately dropped down to 2-3 courses per year so I could actually learn something, instead of just cramming to ace an exam and then immediately forgetting everything I studied. I took dozens of extra courses because I was genuinely interested in the material. I worked my ass off and eventually became a research trainee, than a research assistant.

Over the next 10 years I NEVER applied for a research position! Every single RA position I have had over the course of a decade was through my networking & contacts.

People I had previously worked for and over-delivered with exceptional work simply recommended me to other people. When I needed a new job, I just emailed my previous employers and asked them for work. And work always showed up,

I always over-delivered, and my colleagues knew they could count on me.  They felt confident recommending me to others and putting their own reputation on the line, because they knew I would always, without a doubt be great at what I do.  And I was, because I saw the value in over-delivering for myself and my bosses.

Over-deliver and you’ll start seeing successful wherever you are.