Career Growth

Stop Baking Stuff for the Office!

Ladies! Could we please stop worrying about being liked and being nice, and start working on our careers, making more money and living our dreams?  And on that note, STOP BAKING STUFF FOR THE OFFICE!  –No joke, I know so many women who bake things for their office mates or boss. If you have time to bake cookies and scones and pies, then you’re not prioritizing your career. Because no one gets promoted based on their culinary skills unless you’re in the food business.

What are you communicating about yourself when you constantly show up with freshly baked carrot muffins, delectable chocolate chip gluten free cookies and triple-berry low-fat scones?

  • You’re NOT leadership material and you shouldn’t be taken seriously!
  • Undermines your authority and negatively impacts your professional reputation
  • Prioritizes your “nurturer” or “motherly” behaviour in a work setting
  • Reinforces that “niceness” image women have internalized, instead of worrying about being respected, or being excellent at your job, you want to be perceived as “nice” or “thoughtful”.  Ugh!

BEFORE you bring in any of your baked goods for your office mates ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How do I want to be perceived?  
  2. Do I want to be perceived as the “woman who bakes in our office,” OR as the woman with tremendous leadership skills?
  3. Have I EVER seen a woman in a leadership role bring in baked goods?  NO!!!!! You haven’t. Because they’re TOO BUSY building their careers to bake. If they want same damn pies, they’ll go to a BAKERY and purchase them. No joke. Bakeries…..try them out some time. 

Consider your workplace a NO-BAKE ZONE.