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Lack of Female Leaders is a BIG Problem!

Sadly, men still run the world… in business, finance, science, technology, entrepreneurial start-ups, restaurants, technology, and entertainment… you get the idea.

Only 17 out of 195 independent countries are run by women.

In the U.S. 50% of college graduates are women, BUT the very top of the leadership is still held exclusively by men.

21% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

In the U.S:

White women Women of color
Hold 14% of executive officer positions Hold 4% (!!) of top corporate jobs
Hold 17% of board seats 3% of board seats
Hold 18% of elected congressional positions 5% of congressional seats

As of 2010, women in the U.S. make 0.77cents for every dollar a man makes.

In Canada, women are outpacing men in higher education (55% of women vs. 46% of men), BUT there are still major gender differences in the type of degree earned.

18% of computer science degrees go to women. Only 24% of engineering degrees are held by women.

We also know that women are more likely to work in precarious jobs (part-time, casual, contract work = less pay, fewer benefits, no job stability or security).

6% of the boards of listed companies in Canada had women on their boards.

42% of these listed companies had NO women on their boards (!!).

  • Affordability and availability of daycare is a major issue for women and a reason why so many women are working part-time.
  • The majority of childcare, house care, food care is still done by women.
  • Women can’t do it all! –We can’t take care of the home, the groceries, the nutrition, the children, the pets and work in stimulating full-time careers.

We need: affordable nation-wide childcare. So every child regardless of their parents’ finances can receive high quality care.

We need: gender equity in the education system, whereby girls are encouraged, supported and mentored to take science, technology, engineering and math.

We need: Equal levels of financial support to women-led companies, not just start-ups.



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