Confidence, Health and Body Love

Body Love, Body Positivity, Any Size


As many of you know I have thin privilege. I’ve never been on a diet or struggled with my weight. I’ve never gone to the mall and not been able to find clothes in my size. I’ve never browsed through magazines and not seen someone with my body type.

When I feel like eating 3 servings of dessert no one EVER makes a nasty comment. I’ve never been called names or had food thrown at me because of my size. I’ve never been told that “we don’t carry things for your size here” when I walk into a store. This is thin privilege.

Growing up teachers frequently called on me in class and encouraged my academic growth. Kids wanted to be my friends on the playground and my stress level was non-existant. I was never ostracized because of my cellulite. I didn’t fear being harassed, stalked, or violently attacked through vicious words or pinches, punches or kicks because of my size. HIgh school counselors told me to apply for higher education and while at university I could comfotably sit in any chair never worrying about being bruised or having a chair break on me.

In the job market, I don’t make less money and I’m not taken less seriously because of the size of my ass or my waist.  This is thin privilege. I’ve never been discriminated against in a job because I’m thin, in fact people take me more seriously because I am thin. They think I’m an expert on all things health and nutrition related. They assume I’m good at sports and yoga.


I’ve never had trouble finding an apartment to rent or a boyfriend to date because of my size. When I walk into a room I don’t anticipate deadly stares and nasty looks because of the size of my thighs. This is thin privilege.

When I visit the doctor she never admonishes me for my weight, in fact she never even weighs me. She congratulates me for being healthy because she equates healthiness with thinness.

Sadly, everyone around me is on a diet, Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, –or worse, a friggin’ 3 day Master cleanse. People in my life from my students to family to friends and acquaintances are all struggling to lose weight. They fat-talk and they disparage their bodies. In fact, they wish for any other body but their own.

And this is heartbreaking.

My latest research delves into the realm of weight loss and weight struggles.  I’ll be posting (using my sociological viewpoint) on the latest research about dieting, weight-cycling (yo-yo dieting) and body hatred.

In fact, my 3rd book is all about the deadly connection women have with the scale. Our self-esteem is so intimately tied to the number on the scale that every rise in numbers corresponds with a plummet of our self-esteem and self love.

The mental fatigue involved in weighing your food, thinking about calories, counting your steps or your points increases your stress load… making you MORE likely to binge eat, not exercise AND feel really, really shitty about yourself. Imagine if all that energy went into your career, and not the state of your thighs?

Let’s love our bodies. Easier said then done (my students would say)…..OK. Let’s start by watching the JC Penny commercial about body love at the top of this post.

Body Love. Body Love. Body Love my friends.