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What’s Your Vision?

What is your vision for your life and how will you achieve it?  Your vision anchors your daily and weekly goals to ensure you achieve them. Without a long-term vision, it’s easy to get sidetracked by cute animal videos on YouTube or a 5 hour Netflix bender of Downtown Abbey.  We’ve all been there, but now we need to change.

Be clear and focused about what you want in life. Your vision should be SKY HIGH, and challenging enough to make you uncomfortable. Your vision ensures that your daily activity is always aligned with your long-term goals. Remember, if you don’t take daily consistent action towards your vision, you will never achieve what you want.

Always align your daily goals with your vision. Make sure that everything you do, everyday aligns with your ultimate vision for yourself, and your life. Then evaluate yourself daily. Score yourself. How much time did you spend working towards your vision versus wasting time?

Steps to creating your vision:

  1. Right now write down in 1-2 sentences what your ultimate aspirations are. (e.g. “I want to be known across Canada as the foremost expert on animal rights issues.”)
  2. Say it aloud. Repeat it often.
  3. Write it down every morning and every evening. Your vision should be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before you go to bed.
  4. Tell someone else. How do they react? Supportive or are they a hater? -Learn to embrace the support and discard the hate. It’s that simple.
  5. Take 5 minutes every day and write down your daily goals to ensure you stay on track with your ultimate vision. What action will you take TODAY to bring you closer to your potential? (e.g. Contact 5 animal experts in your area and book a meeting or a quick coffee; Volunteer to write a review for a new animal rights book.)
  6. Take 5 minutes every night before you go to bed to review your progress. What worked and what didn’t?
  7. Rinse and repeat!