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The ALL IN Rules

ALL IN is a mindset that forces you to discard your excuses and live up to your potential. Follow these rules and start embodying the characteristics of successful people who go ALL IN, ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME.

  1. Create a vision for your life. If you don’t know what you’re working towards, then you’re working on someone else’s dream, not your own. Your vision must be clear, focused and quantifiable. Wanting “to making a difference in the world” doesn’t count, because it’s not targeted and you can’t quantify your progress. Besides, everyone says that. What are you interested in, what problem are you trying to solve, what type of impact are you aiming for? What’s ONE WORD that describes the interest, brand, product, solution, or service you have? Write it down, say it aloud and then make sure everything you do moves you closer to that vision.
  2. Notice the SHITTY COMMITTEE in your mind. This is the negative voice on replay that breeds doubt and uncertainty for us. Women ruminate, we dwell, and we think too much and too often about our mistakes. We’re also great at internalizing our failures. We love to catalogue our mistakes, conduct autopsies on our failures and remind ourselves of every time we messed up. Even worse, the more we spend thinking and overthinking our mistakes, the easier it is for us to postpone, delay and even avoid taking risks and trying something new.
  3. Be aware of mediocrity. If you’re not EXCEPTIONAL in your work ethic, your persistence, and your enthusiasm, then you’re mediocre. You might as well just find some 9-5 job that you can punch in and out. If you’re not aiming to be extraordinary in what you do then you’re doing something wrong. Mediocrity is all around you and if you’re not careful who you hang out with and what you’re exposing yourself to, mediocrity will seep right in.
  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The #1 thing you will have to sacrifice in order to achieve greatness is your obsession with being comfortable. Get used to the butterflies, the nervousness, the anxiety, and the stress. Because if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not taking enough risk in your life. A related aspect of this discomfort is learning how to handle constructive feedback. We must build-up our emotional resilience so that we’re open to learning from criticism rather than being destroyed by it. Get uncomfortable.
  5. Perfectionism is paralysis. Perfectionism is a curse and an addiction. It’s not a “badge of honour,” that’s just bullshit. Don’t be perfect, don’t aim for perfection, because it’s unrealistic, unattainable, and destructive. And it’s probably tied to you people-pleasing tendencies and fear of failure. Aim for completion, not perfection.

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