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ACT NOW. Not Tomorrow.

Do you ever get energized about starting something new, only to put it off for a few days, weeks or months? Do you procrastinate?Forget about time management, what you need to do right now is ACT. Take action today, not tomorrow. Work towards your potential right now.

People complain all the time about not having enough money, hating the job they’re in, not being fit enough, yet they don’t do anything about it right away.

You want to get into better shape, stop thinking about it, stop browsing Pinterest and Instagram for that “perfect body” (which doesn’t exist by the way), and get on the floor and do 25 push ups, right now. Hold a plank position for 30 seconds. ACT NOW. Hate your job? Want a different career? Why start on the weekend? Why wait till Monday? START NOW.

The problem is people aren’t putting in enough time and effort doing something differently to change their lives RIGHT NOW. They want to, they dream about it, they talk about it, they even envision it. But putting out “positive energy” into the world is not going to get you a different life. You need to work, and work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Take your work ethic to the EXTREME.

Students always complain to me about not being happy about their writing abilities or their lack of critical thinking, and I always ask them the same question: What are you doing about it right now?

I have one student who wasn’t the best writer, and then she came to me for help. She started seeing me regularly during office hours. She got books out of the library on grammar, writing style, and critical thinking. She went to the writing lab on campus for help. She practiced, practiced and practiced. And where she is today is far different from where she was 2 years ago, because she worked on bettering her writing skills on a consistent basis. And now she’s even published her work.

That’s what you need to do. ACT with intensity, with purpose, and with passion. Never, ever put off your dreams until tomorrow, until the weekend is over. Don’t start on a Monday what you can start right now. Act now, and then follow-up that action with more action, immediately.