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Event: Shatter Perfection & Self-Promote with Confidence

Are you a perfectionist or people-pleaser? Suffering from the nice-girl syndrome? Tired of saying “yes” to everyone else’s demands of your time? Do you hate self-promotion? If this sounds like you, then this talk will motivate you to get out of your damn comfort zone!

Join Prof Maja in this 90 minute talk as she gives you strategies to:

  • Shatter perfectionism
  • Smash your obsession with being nice, modest & humble
  • Stop apologizing
  • Strengthen your confidence through self-promotion
  • Slay your fears about criticism & constructive feedback 

Join us September 27th @ Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre to learn how to split up with that shitty committee in your mind that’s constantly breeding doubt & fear. Learn about the common self-promotion fears and myths women have, and how you can start self-promoting in an authentic way. Learn about how destructive and delusional perfectionism is and strategies to interrupt this negative cycle.

Here’s to strong women, empowering one another, one woman at a time.

Event details & tickets: Click here