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Event: Shift Your Attitude

Are you a perfectionist or people-pleaser? Suffering from the nice-girl syndrome? Tired of saying “yes” to everyone else’s demands of your time? Do you feel guilty or have difficulty saying “no” to others? If this sounds like you, then this talk will change your life.

Prof Maja’s 90-minute talk will give you strategies to:

  • Shatter perfectionism
  • Smash your obsession with being nice
  • Snap out of procrastination
  • Strengthen your confidence through self-promotion; and
  • Slay your fears about constructive feedback

Join us and learn how to split up with that shitty-committee in your mind that’s constantly breeding doubt and fear. Let’s apologize less, self-promote more, and empower one another to thrive, not just survive. Here’s to strong women, empowering one another, one woman at a time.

Come for the talk, and stay for the mingling and networking afterward.
There will be hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Latitude Food & Drink restaurant along with a cash bar.

Buy your tickets: Click here

This event is brought to you by the collaboration of WOW New Media Inc and Dr. Teske and Associates.


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Comments (2)

  • Hello Professor Maja,
    I am very intrigued of your talk this coming Tuesday, August 15 at Latitudes in Georgetown. Unfortunately I am heading to the cottage with my family that day. Is there a chance I could purchase your book? If so, what is the cost?
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards,
    Susan Koops

    • Hello Susan, I just saw your message now, we’ve been updating the website and I wasn’t getting the notifications of comments, I don’t normally respond this late. You can purchase the book at Indigo online, Amazon online or directly from the publisher at Rock Mills Press. You can continue checking the blog for upcoming talks I’ll be giving in the local areas. Thanks so much for the interest! –Prof. Maja

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