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SCREW Apologies! – July 26 Talk

Hi Everyone, my next talk is in Etobicoke on Wednesday, July 26 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Come spend an evening with amazing, kick-ass women – hope to see you there!

Screw Apologies: Lead with confidence & get your hustle on!

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, New Toronto
156 Sixth Street
Toronto, ON M8V

Register now – save your spot! Only $30 a ticket.

Do you constantly doubt yourself or your capabilities? Do you downplay your achievements or refuse to take credit for a job well done? Do you talk yourself out of doing something just so you won’t fail? If so, then this talk is for you! Are you always apologizing for things, even when it’s not your fault? Do you hate negotiating or dread speaking aloud during meetings Guess what? This talk is for you! Do you have a teenage daughter whom you want to be a strong independent woman with a great start on life and her future? Then this talk is for them too!

In this 90-minute talk, we will discuss the many problems women face, including:

We play nice
We don’t ask for what we want.
We don’t negotiate.
We apologize. All. The. Time.
We suffer from the fraud or imposter syndrome.
We don’t self-promote.

This talk will help women internalize the power of self-promotion, improve their communication skills and challenge that “shitty committee” in their minds that so often breeds doubt and fear.

I want more women running the show, don’t you?

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